A second life in Rome's residential neighborhood.

PLACE    Rome, Italy

DATE    2019 – In progress

CLIENT   Private

AREA    5.254 sqm

DESIGN    Delogu Architecture


DEVELOPER   Consorzio Stabile Rennova

V-House is a residence building of the sixties located in an elegant neighborhood of Roma Nord. Due to its out of context architecture, the building has always a distinctive character.

The redevelopment, required to structural and energy improvement, takes the opportunity to create a landmark.

The building program is made up of a garage at basement floor, a commercial space at the ground floor and 28 apartments. The typical floor houses six different sizes apartments. The top floor has also a duplex, with a large terrace and a special view.

The existing architecture was characterized by symmetry and vertical alignment of parts (solids-voids-balconies); the facade was composed by prefabricated concrete panels with vertical textures too.

The renovation project maintains this alignments, but introduces new elements to change the sense of building. The strings courses mark off horizontal division of the elevations and break up the verticality. These items also work as rails for a new layer: sliding blinds made of vertical aluminium profiles, recalling the previous geometry. The possibility to move the panels add a random variable and it makes the facade feels dynamic.

The principal building materials are white large-sized porcelain stoneware slabs, a low-maintenance material,  and bronze finishing aluminium, that characterized brise soleil, window frames and strings courses.

The crowning part is the very distinctive sign: a large projecting canopy, with a tapered steel frame and a intrados covered in metal sheet. It complete the building and gives it a recognizability in the architectural landscape.

A new layer breaks up the verticality. 
The floor courses mark off horizontal divisions of the elevations.



Viale Giuseppe Mazzini 11, 00195 Rome, Italy

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