Miami Private House

From an existing structure to a lavish villa.

PLACE   Miami, Florida

DATE    2016 – In progress

CLIENT   Private


The project begins from an existing structure before, characterized by two large walls that carry the stairs to all floors up to the large terrace, dividing the batch into three parts. On these bases were produced three main concepts that characterize the construction: the casket, the forest and the transparency.

The various rooms that are articulated in the House are considered chests, boxes, which in them are distinguished by textures and finishes than all over the building. Materials will be more natural and comfortable than the covers areas that are predominantly white marble and glass.

The core of the House is the forest. A skylight illuminates the central space so as to breathe Palms contained inside the House which will create an environment in-line filter between the entrance and the living/dining area that is deployed on a large open space overlooking the Miami bay. Compared to other environments, the forest will result in dim light thanks to plants that screen the Sun’s rays.

The House is completely closed on the sides but on main opens completely through large windows so as to become part of the landscape and make the landscape a real element of the House.


Viale Giuseppe Mazzini 11, 00195 Rome, Italy

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