K Motor Yacht

Luxury in every detail.

PLACE    Cantieri Palumbo, Naples, Italy

DATE    2017

CLIENT   Private

Awarded best Motor Yacht by Cantieri Palumbo, Columbus Yacht 40 m Sport Hybrid (alias K Motor) combines technical with aesthetical perfection. The restyling maded it unique.
The process of renovation and refitting of K Motor focuses on two key concept: introducing new functions and changing the image of the boat.
Something strikes the attention of the project team: the silhouette is still very contemporary and the architecture that inspires the change in and outside the boat suites very well both in terms of functions and image.
The purpose of the renovation is indeed not only to change pieces of furniture but also to work on the inner space of the boat itself achieving new luxury areas mainly dedicated to guests.
Five themes inspired by the same concepts: the use of new materials; a wise use of natural and artificial light; hierarchy of the spaces; possibility of achieving the final image throughout different phases of intervention.
The french doors in the main saloon concertina away to open up the space, an effect enhanced by long fold-down balconies on boat sides (opposite). The main deck guest cabins can be joined to create a VIP (above bottom left) with one bed folded in to the wall behind a leather panel and two an suites (above bottom right). The full beam master cabin (top) features subtle the tailing and a spacious dressing room.
All the furniture were designed with Luxury Living Group – Fendi Casa and Bentley Home.



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