A micro-structure for artistic events.

PLACE    Rome, Italy

DATE    2004

CLIENT   Forum Tevere

D-Forma was born from the experience of Forum Tevere (Consulto Internazionale Idee per il Tevere); it is a project for the screening of urban media events where converge architects and artists’ expertise and creativity.

D-Forma is a microstructure for events like concerts, performances, interactive installations; is an artistic events’ sampler and amplifier; is a tool for creation and distribution of events.

“…a luminescent capsule suspended on the Tevere embankment diffuse sounds and images. A violinist performs a composition by Mozart. Some viewers, sitting up in the internal stands, listen carefully. It’s evening and the musician is reflected in the river’s water while the sound spreads in all directions. The most of them overlook from the embankment: they didn’t know that view and they’ve never spent some times to look at the river and even less with Mozart. Few of them know that tomorrow Baricco will read his writings while Air will accompany his words with music, a young video artist will help with some images conjured by the narrative, the day after will be dedicated to dance followed by Kruder & Dorfmeinster, the fall winter presentation of a famous designer, the night dedicated to jazz music and more Paolo Conte with Aphex Twin…”

D-Forma establishes a relationship of interaction intended as information transmitted by different and simultaneous events. The audience can attend the performance live inside the micro-theatre, the stage is visible also from the outside, but the main event is projected for all the city.


“Delogu conveys ideas with light”, Ottagono n.169 April 2004, Editrice Compositori, pp. 169-171.


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