Collongo Chapel

A shell to gather in prayer.

PLACE    Turin, Italy

DATE    2002

CLIENT   Private

An ancient cloistered convent is located in the landscape around Turin where, in the front garden, has been requested the construction of a small chapel.

The project consists in the combination of three elements: a large contoured covering in Corten steel which, following the morphology of the land, encloses the chapel in a clear glass box; a translucent wall made by layers of glass that ripples the daylight and lights up during the night; the external stone walls that dig into the ground the access and lead to the altar.

In the glass volume a place made by light and silence for meditation and prayer. Under the covering, an outdoor place for meetings and conversations.


“Delogu Architetti Associati”, 50 New Italian Architecture, Two generation face to face, 2002, pp. 82-85.


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