Altavida Motor Yacht

A luxury yacht re-functionalization and restyling.

PLACE    Cantieri Oceanco, Netherlands

DATE    2006

CLIENT   Private

“The objective was to change the perception of space. Soften the corners, create a sense of fluidity and continuity between the elements included, repeating the section of the power boat. With this original concepts, Studio Delogu & Associati of Rome worked on the design of the interiors for a large yacht. A luxury boat 50 meters in length that is capable of crossing seas and oceans while allowing for plenty of sunshine and relaxation.

The proprietor’s idea was to give the 1993 Ocean Shipyard vessel a new look, and introduce some new facilities for the guests on board. Below deck, there are five double suites for 10 guests, in addition to the crew quarters (up to 12 crew members). The outline of the Oceanco was immediately modern and functional. The project therefore was not restricted to renewing the interiors alone, but aimed for an innovative concept of space designed for a yacht, making the ambiences more luxurious for the guests. The project, therefore, looked at the sun-bathing area, the cocktail bar on the upper deck, the main deck with the living area, the suites and the cabins. Each environment was renewed with the use of new materials (in full agreement with the safety legislation), with the use of artificial and natural light, in consideration of the hierarchical importance of the spaces. Thin beams of light penetrate and envelop the rooms, like luminous lines that highlight the outline. Inside, the main hall was illuminated with new openings, which replaced some of the original blind panels, and the stairway was also replaced.

One characteristic element of the entire project was the interior coating that covers the existing wall, and creates a new perception of the space. Of enormous impact, the cocktail bar acts as a conjunction between the inside roofed space of the yacht and the open-air outdoors. Here we have the bar counter with a glossy white surface and a leather settee that was made to measure. A sense of continuity of the space was created in the bar area with the extension of the teak flooring from the bridge; the illumination and the sound system will give the final touch to these elegant, luxurious and welcoming ambiences. The lower deck was not changed in terms of the layout of the cabins and their bathrooms; however, they were given a complete overhaul. The walls were also paneled with wood in this area to produce a sort of surface that unwinds like a ribbon, with no harsh corners.

The entrance to the main suite was changed so that the bed is no longer in front of the door to the cabin and this greatly improves privacy. The wall coatings extend on one side to create a work-table and on the other to form a suspended sofa. The central area of the room is cladded in wengè wood that acts as a dark background for the white bed by Poltrona Frau, positioned in front of a wall-fixed storage system, complete with plasma screen. In the bathroom area, there is a toilet, cupboard and a make-up area, separated by a sauna. In the Yellow Cabin, on the other hand, the extension of the wall contains two stowaway beds which can join the existing two when required. The covers are white maple and cream-colored suede. For the Chinese Room, an alternation of dark wengè and the cream tones of the suede were selected. These are ambiences where everything has been considered. What results is an elegant design that we are curious to see completed.”

(C. Molteni, “A luxury designer yacht”, DHD Hospitality Hotel Design Diffusion, pp. 20-23).


C. Molteni, “A luxury designer yacht”, DHD Hospitality Hotel Design Diffusion, pp. 20-23.


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